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» (No Subject)

RIP: Mohammed Yasser Abdul-Ra'ouf Qudwa Al-Husseini

Hey peeps. Hope you had a few laughs and anger moments with Mr. Arafat. Thanks for all the fan mail, virus-plagued emails, and paid accounts you provided for this journal. Without you he wouldn't have been so real. ;o)
» Arafat's Christmas Message from "PARADISE"
Dear Friends,

Woooehhh! It's HOT here, it feels like Saudi Arabia weather!

I am allowed to compose one last letter in my finale dwelling place. I've arrived safety thanks be to Allah! Yes, I've seen Allah face to face!!!!!!!!!!! He has beautiful red robes and red and black checkered keffiyeh and a tail??? He also poses with pitchfork in American Gothic style! HAHAHAH! I don't understand the meaning of this, but I admire it greatly!

My place of dwelling is temporary I'm sure, because it's so wonderful! I actually located next door to great men of the past like Mao Tse-tung, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler!!! And guess to my surprise great who is going to give me writing lesson?!? YES! NOAM CHOMSKY! I had no idea that so many atheists were allowed here! I am a little upset that Jews are allowed, but Allah is merciful to all that show humble. Just the other day I come across Marilyn Monroe talking to the Muhammad ibn Abd Allah!!

To my dear John friends, I found some great locations for you to abode when your time comes!

Wa Alaikum Assalam!!


There was some wrong translations about the 72 virgins. I have 72 Lesbians and they all look like identical to Ellen DeGeneres but I've faired better than Cousin Haj Amin al-Husseini because his look like Carol Burnett

I am upset because there is coming to be no freedom in the world thanks to Great Satan. Sheeeeeshh!

I go to my community AKA canadakickass to only find that they delete my post. I believe that zionist uncut_diamond was involved in this plot and I will visit her when I come back reincarnated as Elvis Stoyko, the Canadian male skater boi.

I am still very much hurted by censorship. To delete the post of a dying man only because he was lonely and seeking out friendship!!!!! Had I been healthy they would have never censored me. I can guess what they thinks: OH, He doesn't understand, he's old and almost dead. Yes the rumors true that they kill their old ones in Canada Youthanasia Europeasia. You know what I talking about!! I take it back! I dont want to go to Canada and wait in line for healthcare, heck! I know that when I am inline they will inject me with lethal injection!

One of my last requests is to ban censorship in the name of Allah. Freedom of self-expression is necessary for all places outside of the middle east.

but OMA! I wanted to go to Canada so bad to play hockey! To watch the maple leafs fallen from treetops! i get Inspiration to write two line of poetry!

O Canada, we stand in healthcare lines for thee.
O Canada, we stand in healthcare lines for thee.

He can't spoke properly
He kills innocents
He does unjust jihad
He has no respect for person rights
He wants to convert world to Jesus-freaks
He think American Cowboy is ideal
He makes Hitler look good
He's not for peace
He murders children
He molests Islamic countries


The midget Bush and that Rumsfield [sic] deserve only to be beaten with shoes by freedom loving people everywhere."-- Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, former Iraqi Minister of Information

Well said Mo!!

I am still alive. PRAISE ALLAH!

I'm all here, thanks to crazy weed! :) :) :) :) The French have it down to an art!

I am very pity that I do not have olive green clothing as usual. The gray is to brighten up my fair complexion. Check out my fair hands! The Milk Maid did not even have this amazing milky skin! Okay, okay okay! I confess that I am taking advantage of french manicures and cold cremes.

YES! It was all zionist scare that I was brain dead. But here I sit with my Dell laptop posting in my Livejournal! THANK YOU ALLAH!

My apology to Americans who have to flee to Maple Leaf country for freedom!!!!!! I would flee also if I could not have relationships with my camel. I would flee also if I could not beat women. I would flee also if I was to become christian zionist!! MY PITIES ARE WITH YOU AMERICANS!

I will visit my favorite Johns when I have the chance. John Kerry! John Edwards! John Ashcroft! John McCain! John Lenin (grave)! And I totally dig John Mayer. YOUR BODY IS A WONDERFUL!

I have to go now.

ugghhhh... me backy hurts, me hed... OH, I AM ARAFAT! uuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhhh........

ARA.......fat....... :: beeeeeeep! ::
» (No Subject)

On better tunes, I am doing well mentally. I promised myself that I will not die until I see John Kerry in presidential office!!! I despise his prostitute Jew wife, who I defectionaly call Ketchup. She does not have to dress for the Hallowe'en events because she's already a witch. When will men realize that women are curses to society and cover them in burkhas?!?!!?!?? This is the only thing I have against my Democrat brothers! They do not cover their women, at least their ugly women. Honesty, I love it when they leave their beauties such as Janet Reno unclothed! hehehehehehe I am surprised I have not seen her in magazines posing N**E! It seems to me the women with the most beauty bodys always keep covered. GARHHHHH!!

Since my illness has stricken me ill, I have received many get well cards from my imitate friends, such as President Bill Clinton of America and Fiddle Castro of Cuba. They both have been illness lately also. Castry sent me those lovely Havana cigars and Billabong sent me an intern. These men have excellent taste and we share many common bonds. We have also discovered it to be a Republican conspiracy that we've all been ill at such a close time.


Little known factoid:

I used to be greatest disco dancer in Palestine in 1970's.

Here's most recent poetrys:

My Favourite Thingys
Wet drops from noses and whiskers on mullah
Bright copper pennies and warm checkered keyiffah
Brown packaged bombs tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things

Cream colored camels and crispy fried falafals
Jihads and muezzins and little known brothals
Wild men that hide from bullets that sting
These are a few of my favourite things

Girls with no dresses with blue satin sashes
Sand that stays on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white deserts that fade into dreams
These are a few of my favourite things

When the Jew fights
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so bad!



Every now and then we all want something friend
Even if there's no way of gettin' it
If I stomp my feet in front of UN
Beat my way around it, could I get myself around it

Get me what I want
Or else you get shot
Get me what I want
Cause I'm a big shot

Don't wanna always have to be so nice
Dont wanna hear you say well that's just life
I cry a river when I open my mouth
I make my way around it, make my way around it

Get me what I want
Or else you get shot
Get me what I want
Cause I'm a big shot

So give me what I want
I always get what I want
You don't want to see me when
I don't get what I want
Thats not what you want

I'm not about to take NO for an answer
If I tell you I can't I'm still gonna go
I did it all by myself
I found my way around it

It's not too lovely
It could start to get ugly
It really bugs me
If I don't get my way

ArabPhat: hello

TheH0ttChick69: Hey

ArabPhat: are you there or no?

TheH0ttChick69: Yes I am

TheH0ttChick69: hello

ArabPhat: Good. Let us talk.

TheH0ttChick69: How are you?

ArabPhat: I am A-O-K Terrific.

ArabPhat: Questions first.

ArabPhat: How are you?

TheH0ttChick69: I am grand, just grand.

ArabPhat: Good. Are you married white female? Or single white female?

ArabPhat: Please, only honesty

TheH0ttChick69: Single white female

ArabPhat: GOOD! So does this mean you are seeking relationship?

TheH0ttChick69: Yes, it does.

TheH0ttChick69: asl?

ArabPhat: This is sign straight from ALLAH! !!!!!!

TheH0ttChick69: YEAH IT IS

ArabPhat: I am 85 years of age, Male, Ramallah, Palesitine

TheH0ttChick69: sexy

ArabPhat: Yes, I agree with you already..

ArabPhat: So lets talk about me or you?

ArabPhat: What is your age?

ArabPhat: I hope not over 40.

TheH0ttChick69: 21

TheH0ttChick69: ;-)


ArabPhat: Are you also Muslimah?

TheH0ttChick69: No, my friend is

ArabPhat: What does Mecca mean to you, in the matter of faith?

TheH0ttChick69: I live in Yemen

TheH0ttChick69: we dont have that god, we have Teekiedayta

ArabPhat: Awh, camel biscuits! I will introduce you to my god allah.

ArabPhat: what's your name?

ArabPhat: Please, don't be shy about this information

TheH0ttChick69: Aishwaria

ArabPhat: Butiful!

ArabPhat: Allah, meet Aishwaria===Aishwaria meet Allah!

ArabPhat: now you are friends! Okay! So tell me if we can talk on phone sometime, I enjoy
lengthy talks about a cornicopia of topics

TheH0ttChick69: I love chandler bing.

TheH0ttChick69: watch friends:-D:-D


Previous message was not received by TheH0ttChick69 because of error: User
TheH0ttChick69 is not available.

ArabPhat: Finally I meet women and she leave me. :-(

Previous message was not received by TheH0ttChick69 because of error: User
TheH0ttChick69 is not available.

» Many quizzes TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been many sands of time since I have recorded personal life! I hope my friends have been well in my turmoiling absess!
Some anonymous friend gave me paid account and I am most honored by this gratitude gift so I posted my voice. I apologize for my youthful vibrance of youth. I promise you it is the vodka straight from Vladmir Putkin and the Chapagne from that Frenchman prime Minster Chiclet Chirac.

How to make a arafat

3 parts anger

3 parts ambition

1 part energy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com


Coach z
You're Coach Z. People seem to like you even
though they can't usually understand you and
you sleep in the lockerroom. You need a
girlfriend. Seriously. At least until your
rap career takes off.

What HomeStarRunner Character are you? (pictures)
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?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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» Phone Post
236K 1:18
(no transcription available)

» This IS My Night!!!!!!!

The women in my harem pitched in and bought me these shoes, only they are in olive green.

Sometimes I feel so unworthy of these special treatments. Today, I allowed them to give me a food massage. Nothing better than a cankle rub!

Then, I found one bag exactly like this in the mall the other day. I really <3 it! Do you get it? It looks like male panties?! I think this adorable!!!!! This is definitely goes on my Christmas list.

I AM ARAFAT!*#&@#$%#
» (No Subject)

This photographic says it ALL!!!!!!!!! You know that story, of David and Goliath? There is little David and the giant Goliath. Of course the Israeli people tell this story different,the true story is Goliath was Jewish and David was Muslim, my Mullah explained what really happened last Friday..........when the Jewish people wrote their stories of David, they made him to be their hero, while they gave us the killed Goliath. This is not so!!!! David is originally comes from the Arabic word Dawud Gamal, which means beloved camel. Goliat means "you are mine", or 'captive'. This story means, the beloved camel (Palestinian symbol of pride) captured an Israeli. It is really a beautiful story when told correctively. After this, we sang some Jihad camp tunes like Kumbayah Allah Akhbar! I even asked the Mullah if I can recite some of my poetries, he asked for me to read some to him and appreciated the beauty. This next week I get to read some, they are very thought provoking said the mullah.

Okay, it's late and I need another beera before i retired for tomorrow.

ma al-salamah!!!!!
I have taken up new hobbie! This new hobbie is yodelling. I am dammit good! I SWORE!

My purchased account is experied. Please, purchase me new account and I will post phont post of yodelling in Arabic.

ToDay is another fine day in Ramallah(bad). Slight breeze flowing from the north west and it's partly cloudy out, but the sun is going to be coming out. Honestly I love the name Jalalahbad and would like to rename Remallahbad. The very word rolls of the tongue and makes one thing of how awesome Allah is. PBUH! PBUH!

Intelligent people choose green, did you know this? That's why green is on my nation's flag, that's why Islam is green, that's why I always wear green. sbmartyr wore green on the day he martyred himself. It's all about Intelligence, not only this, they say friendly people wear blue. Blue?! So the Zionists have their flag as blue and white. Blue mean friendly, white means peace~~you see the lies?!

Sometimes I not understand what this world is coming to. Ever since the day was come that I was borned, I've strived for peace. My Mother (PBUH), had visions of my quests for peace, it was my destiny in this life to be a peacemaker. At times I feel like I will not accomplish world peace, but at least I did win the Nobel Peace prize. It's not everyday that peaceful men win the NP. I thank Allah for the privilege and recognization.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY!!!! I forgot to say that I won $4,598.64 at Bingo night at my local mosque last Friday! That means..........45 new machine guns from Iran. W000000000t! Plus, the dealer that ships them always throws in a box full of 'nades. Looks like we'll be doing some noobin' soon!!


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