Yasser's Experiences

terror when you least except it!

Muslimahs Dig It

Daddy's bomb belt, mama's burkha drapes
Standin' tall in a citadel
Lookin' brave in my superman cape
I told the neighborhood girls
Said hey y'all, watch this
My fate was a broken arm
And my reward a one big kiss
When daddy asked me why I did it
I made him giggle when I told him
Cause the muslimahs dig it

Black top road, Hamas permit
Thought I was Saddam
Bus was there, and I was here
Big coat on, belt, and bombs
The police came and arrested me
While Palestine cried, "SET HIM FREE"
And when the judge asked me why I did it
He threw the book at me when I told him
Cause the muslimahs dig it

This poetry is for:

That man is one brave son of a Muslimah!!! But because of zionist intervention, he was unable to be a sacrificial martyr~~~~maybe next time Allah will help him achieve successful.

(no subject)
Praise be to Allah and all his concubines!!!!!!

This is the holy day that the Prophet Muhammad met one of his first of many child brides.

I hear in the Television that Ariel Sharon wants to be rid of me. Silly jew, I am not in wheelchair, I also run tragically fast. He will have to nuke all of Israel~I MEAN PALESTINE~ to destroy me!

I am SO hungered! And I'm not the only Refugee that is hungry to day, it is a fact that over 1,000 Palestinian children die every week from starvation. Not only is this fact true, but half of the fed children have to buy food from the zionist nazi's at exoburinate expenses! This all means that Palestine is suffering at the hands of the Israeli peoples.

Camel crap! No wonder my legs feel itchy, I have not shave them in two weeks! You know the story of Esau and Issac? Well I have a quite hair legs like this Esau. People say, "This story is not so, how can Issac put on goats hair and deceive Noah?? There is no one this harry!" I swear to you by Allah and his prophets that this is very true, especially to me. When I say I have to shave, I mean I have to shave. I use a new razor every week.

I'm sure you dislike hearing about my personal problems but I also have a new problem: Lately I have not been able to reach the water closet. The doctor has advised that I use a productfor my OAB. I would like to start an LJ community support group: anyone interested?

Here is a photo of one of my very precious friends, one of the last times we were together, Saddam brought the marijuana, Hirshy brought the pipe. It was vunderful!!!!!!

It is been ages since I've wrotten in this Livejournal. Thousands of hundreds of things have happened and I cannot even comprehend on where to begin. So I will start from sad newses to happy newses.

Sad News One:
My online affair has ended. I took it fairly well. I really wish I could have been more faithful, but it's hard being faithful when the woman you love is living across the seas.

Sad News Two:
I have three cavaties and I have been told that I will need dentures!!!!!!!! I have three teeth left on my upper roof and 5 left on my lower roof! I beleive that this dentist is trying to rip me off. He's a Zionist of course, and will squeeze me of every counterfeit bill I own! I am considering opening a PayPal account so that people may donate for my medical fees.

Happy News One:
My wife came home to visit me! I was happy to have fresh falafals!

Happy News Five:
I've required a new means of occupation. I am officially an inventor! I've made a wedgie board. Yes!!! It's exactly what is sounds like! It's a round cardboard that goes between the cushions and you sit on it for a self-inflicted wedgie. I thoroughly enjoy it. I sent one to iraq to use in his cell. He told me that the military wouldn't let him have it and that he didn't have cushions for it anyway.

Please email my friends.

My Uno

HAHA! No, this is not my child. You cannot conceive online!

I am not sure if this functions, I am not familiar with this snapfish (silly name)! Please, tell me how you can view my photos!


For Long Time No Posts
I think I'm pregnant!!! Okay, I am only joshing you persons!!!!

Uno is doing fine, and so am I. I finally have full portrait of her that I may post if I can find a cheap server system. I don't understand fully these processes.

No poetry have I written lately but promptly I hope to.


I Have Purchased Account!
I now have purchased account to which I greatfull to this man:


I am asking some friends to teach me this phone post operations. I am not suavvy when it comes to this things. So patience me while I Iearn! See my icon, me on cell? This is me calling my friend (Uno) asking about this!

Also, I have newest look design on my Livejournal. Please look at it!

I ask one more favor, I do not know how to design icons, so friend made me silly once. Please, if you believe in Palestine, please make me icons!

True Friendships
I truly weeping at moment. True friendships can be found in faraway lands, even in United States of America!


I AM ARAFAT!(#*&*&#$

I Like New Girl! ;-)
I do not get this, I having online affair with this women. Her name, I cannot say, because she most private. But this I will say, she call herself Uno. Why Uno? I know that she is beautiful despite the fact only one tooth. But why such drab name like Uno? She tell me that some people call her Snaggletooth, I do not find this laughing matter. In Arabic this means, "Loose sandal" This expression means that one has no dignity for the sand Allah has created. It's blasphemy against Muhammad (PBUH). You will be hearing more of this women...since my wife has left I have been lonely for companionship and in Uno, I have gained self-respect and indulgence.

I have one matter to ask, please pray that she begins observing burkha law. She believes since she is divorced once with two little ones, that she is not attractive enough to draw attention (her husband was zionist of course and lowered Uno's esteem). You ask me "Arafat, you watch womens on cam?" No, I ask her, "You have cam?" She tell me that she will only show mouth. I see her mouth, very pretty I must say, and the one tooth. But this is all I know of her charm and beauty. I asked her not to send me photos until she observe burkha, but I am growing impatent.

I must talk more about Uno. She is writing book at the moment and would like to know where she can get it published in the United States of America. (Of course I tell her to try Arab Press) But, if you know where, please tell. It's an autobiography.

I must eat my falafel for lunch! Toodles!

I AM ARAFAT!@()#$*(#($


I Wrote New Poetry.

Look at this infidelish icon I have found here on Liverjournal.

Holy blessings upon us! Another brother has joined daHood. The Prince of Pop, Michael Jackon. This is a proudest moment in Islamic history!  This calls for a poetry:


I sits on the roof thinking
Looking out at a broken compound
Used to be filled with explosives
Now it's crumbling to the ground
My Brothers get paid for exploding
Others taking it all wrong.
The wife's living high in la France
And me I’ve been a long time gone

Been a long time gone
No, I ain't been the chairman s
ince I don't know when
Long time gone
But always try coming back again

Saddam's out of the hole
But now behind steel bars
It's been a long time since we were together
Allah will keep him from all harm
Said he could hear me praying in the mosque
Since the day things went all wrong
The day Dubya sent us all runnin'
And Allah, I've been a long time gone

Now, me and Hamas bombing every day
Watching the children and the jihad grow
We listen to the radio to hear what's cooking
The CNN say all we know
Now they look on ebay, but they don't know Abid
They've got money but they don't have Mullah
They got Gates but they don't have Tariq

I think, I think, I think


Personally, I do not believe this poetry is very good, please give truth opinions.

Allah Help Us ALL!
Everyone around the planet give their hearts out about this situation with American Terrorists holding captive, our holy brother in Jihad, Saddam Hussein. This is outrage! I call for more suicide bombers, I call for uniting of Islamic Peace Organizations to send warriors to besieged Iraq.

When my beloved brother's face appeared on world television, my heart ached for this tragedy. I doubt these people even allowed him to say his holy prayers.

I believe he fought capture all the way, soon we will learn that he took down many terrorists before captured. I know this, Allah will also show this.

Allah bless me and Saddam.



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